Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Carnival 100 - One Hundred Years Ago

Welcome to the 100th edition of the Make it from Scratch carnival. To commemorate this edition let's take a look back to what was happening 100 years ago.

In 1909, the President of the United States was Theodore Roosevelt, but not for long. William Taft was inaugurated in March of 1909. The NAACP was founded. Peary and his companions reached the North Pole, and American singer Burle Ives was born. 

Life was very different then. Much of what we take for granted today had not even been dreamt of a hundred years ago. Now, we have the choice of cooking from scratch or buying ready made items. Then, cooking from scratch was the norm.

Making jam is one thing that many of us still enjoy doing today. Store bought just doesn't compare. Kate is making Peach Jam. Simple and delicious.

Joanna @ OneKrustyMama tackles homemade pizza, including the crust in Pizza Pizza.

A new recipe for Chewy Chocolate Cookies is shared by ChristineMM. Unfortunately she can't share the recipe, but she does tell you how you can get your hands on it. They look delicious. 

Mary gives us some more chocolate goodness,  5 Minute Brownies. These are made in the microwave. Guess they weren't making 'em like this in 1909. 

Rani shares another simple sweet treat, Crispy Rice Cookies.

This is how I imagine they may have cooked 100 years ago. Waste not. Want not. Jason shares Money Savers: Making Many Meals From Whole Chickens.

And while we are talking chicken, how about Cream of Chicken posted by How to Me.

The Smarter Wallet is trying to cook more meals at home. See what is cooking,  Cheap Meals You Can Cook At Home To Save Money! 

This was a time of transition in America. Most items were still made by hand, but technology was advancing rapidly.  The Model T had just been introduced, and soon the assembly line would become part of the American factory. 

I could just picture Karen's Pretty Knit baby coat and its matching bonnet in a photo from the early 1900's. It is a lovely classic.

Love these Twin Martian Dolls shared by Deanna aka Pop Tart. At another blog she shares  Five Recipes For Finger Paint. 

And to go with that finger paint, Make an easel and painting box. Great idea Grandmother Wren!

In If you can't beat 'em upcycle 'em  Kellie shares how she turned the containers from her husbands stock up purchase into something pretty and useful.

Heather shares a fun Valentine that won't sugar up the kids; You're All-Write Valentine

vh creates a pretty and economical solution to a gardening dilemma in Cheapskate's landscaping.

Ah the dishwasher, a modern convenience that I am so thankful for. Timbuck2mom found that Homemade Dishwasher Detergent left something to be desired. 

Crafting a Simple, Marvellous Desk Calendar is on the agenda for Vera Lang.

Raily Arena presents Tips To Get You Started On Selling Your Home, even in this economy. 

Do you think anyone 100 years ago could fathom the technology of the computer? Sometimes I am astounded by it.  50+ Free Open Courseware Classes for Web Designers Perfecting Their Craft shared by Fiona King. 

Thank you for joining us for this 100th edition. Next week our newest contributor extraordinaire, Kellie, will be hosting at Greenhab: The Browns go Green. Be sure to get your submissions in and join us there.

And don't forget, Firsts on the First is coming this Sunday. Try something new and share with us how it turned out. 

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  1. Excellent entries!! Great carnival!

  2. Thank you :-)

  3. Thank you so much.

    I love the many nostalgic projects, and I'm thrilled that 'good old' and 'go green' so often go hand in hand.


    btw on the homemade detergent: I tried using a highly diluted version of our dishwasher liquid for hand dishwashing and it brought out major redmarks on my skin. I can't even wear my wedding ring this week.... OK. It cleaned e.g. the glasses like no other hand dishwashing liquid ever did, and it serves a 'very once in a while' purpose, but boy, this stuff must not be good for our environment. So, I'm going to try out the homemade recipe of timbock2mom, and see if I can make it work, for all of us!

  4. Thanks for publishing this and including my post. I am linking now.

  5. love your blog it is so very interesting lots of info! thanks for stopping by!

  6. Thanks for hosting my favorite blog carnival! It's great fun. And thanks for including Funny's low-cost landscaping scheme.

    BTW, dishwasher detergent is very strong and highly toxic. As Vera points out, it's not good for your body -- if you use it to wash something by hand (I've soaked burnt-on gunk off the bottom of pans with it), be sure to use rubber gloves. It is intensely poisonous. Be sure to store it out of children's reach, and if your dishwasher is limping along so that it leaves a residue of goopy powdered detergent in the cup, BE SURE a curious toddler doesn't scoop up some of it on a finger and stick it in his mouth. Children have been seriously injured and even died doing this.


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