Thursday, December 18, 2008

Edible Gifts: Putting it all together

I've been sharing ideas for edible presents. Edible presents are wonderful for those on your list who are hard to shop for, or seem to have everything. Most people enjoy homemade treats. They are delicious and consumable, so they don't just sit around gathering dust.

We are coming down to the wire for Christmas gifts this year. One week to go. Now that you've invested your time to create these homemade gifts, it is time to put it all together to create a pretty gift. You don't have to be artsy or crafty; believe me I am not, that is Heather's speciality, a few very simple touches can complete the look of your tasty gifts.

Many of the gifts we have talked about will come in a jar, like the pickled jalapenos pictured.  Use canning jars, or check out the selection of different shaped jars at the thrift store, dollar store, or at the craft store. 

There are so many ways to finish a jar. A mason type jar with a lid and ring can be decorated by simply cutting a circle of cloth with pinking shears. Place a the material over the lid and secure with the ring. Some other interesting ideas have been shared recently in the Make it from Scratch carnivals. See how Leigh decorated her lids with glitter, or the way  Happy Campers used scrap book paper to top their lids

You also will probably want to include a tag of some sort. The pickled peppers are self explanatory, so a simple square of card stock stamped with a holiday greeting will suffice. It is tied on with ribbon through a hole punched in the corner. 

If this were a gift mix, like hot chocolate mix, I would label what the mix was and be sure to include instructions. With items that are perhaps a bit unfamiliar to the recipient, like hot pepper jam, I include a list of suggested uses for the item. The tags can be handwritten or printed out and glued to card stock

Labels could also be printed out a stuck right to the jars. This does look really nice, but I never do it this way. The reason I don't is completely a practical one. I like to reuse jars, and getting the stickers off is a pain. See? I am practical to the core. 

Other gifts like cookies or candy can be placed in a tin, plastic container, on a tray, in a plastic bag, or in a basket. The chocolate covered pretzels pictured are in small plastic bags purchased from the craft store. Simply place the items in the bag and tie off with ribbon. These were gifts that my husband gave to his clients. 

If you want to make a larger gift with a variety of treats, place several of these bags into a basket filled with shredded colored paper, and put a big bow on the basket. Cellophane can also be purchased at crafts stores. This can be used to wrap a cookie or bread tray. Again just add ribbon, a bow and a card to complete. 

Your imagination is the limit when putting together your edible gifts. Here I've shown you a few simple and easy things that anyone (including myself!) can do. I'd love to hear your ideas and tips too!

Ideas for edible gifts:


  1. I made 2 jars of hot chocolate mix last night- these tips are perfect- thanks!

  2. Joanna,
    Glad to help! I was just thinking of making cocoa mix and chocolate covered marshmallows myself. :)

  3. I love making edible gifts...we do it every year! Salsa, bbq sauce, chocolate covered everything (well, almost), cake balls, beer bread, pumpkin bread...everyone loves receiving homemade treats.

  4. Edible gifts are excellent Christmas craft ideas, and thanks for those links. Adding this to my to-do list next Christmas.

  5. I love your blog. But how is anyone suppose to keep their weight down with all of you with your wonderful recipes. Hee hee. ;)

    You have a Christmas Spirit Award awaiting you at my blog.

  6. I love making edible gifts at Christmas for all of the service people that help me keep going! You have posted some great ideas!

  7. Cute stuff and I love the colored construction paper for the tags. These types of homemade things are so cool and make such wonderful gifts.

  8. I tried something new: quick breads in a jar!
    Seriously, I just made a batch of banana nut bread, filled little jelly canning jars and pint jars about halfway full, baked them in the jars and presto! They are incredibly cute!!
    Make sure that as soon as you remove them from the oven, you pop on the lids and rings---they seal themselves as they cool, which means they keep for 6 mos. on a shelf or about a year, frozen.
    I topped them with some Christmas themed pieces of fabric inside the canning rings and they are going to make really cute gifts this year :)
    Just thought someone else might want to try them too!!
    Great ideas, Stephanie. Thank you for sharing them!!

  9. Nikki,
    I've never heard of that. The bread doesn't get too wet being sealed as it cools? Interesting. I'll have to try it. Maybe the next time I bake some Friendship bread.


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