Sunday, February 22, 2009

Modeling Compound Catch-All

Last month, I posted about our Modeling Compound Magnets. If you liked that craft, you'll love the catch-all that Steven made with the same compound!

Steven is 6 and he loves to make gifts for people. I love it when he makes useful gifts for people. Not to say that I don't love everything he makes, but when it is a useful something, I love it even more.

Air-dry Modeling Compound
Scissors (optional)
Markers and/or Paint (optional)

Form the modeling compound into a bowl or tray shape. Steven then used scissors to cut around the edges for a decorative effect. Let the bowl dry completely (overnight is best). Paint or color with markers and allow to dry completely.

Use your catch-all for coins and other pocket contents at the end of the day. I use mine to hold two lipsticks on my dresser. This would also be nice to keep rings, barrettes or hair pins (does anyone besides me still use these?) corralled. What else can you think of?

This would be a wonderful craft for Mother's Day, Father's Day or for a Grandparent's birthday!
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