Monday, September 1, 2008


What started over a year and a half ago as a one time challenge, turned into a weekly carnival, and sprouted a blogroll, has now become its own blog, Make it from Scratch. The members you see on the blogroll and many more bloggers who have participated in the carnival have come together with a common purpose, to encourage each other to make more things from scratch.

Among our ranks you will find bloggers who sew, knit, cook, craft, scrap, garden, and much more. Some are motivated by frugality. Some need outlets for creativity. Others create their own for better quality. Some enjoy being more self sufficient, but most of us are motivated by a combination of those things.

Here at the home of Make it from Scratch you will find the weekly carnival (or link to the current host) every Tuesday. Other days you will find ideas and encouragement for simple from scratch projects. On Thursdays I, Stephanie, will be posting. My specialty is food. On Saturdays Heather will be sharing. Her specialty is crafts.

You may notice the above schedule leaves several days open. That is where you come in! We invite you to submit a guest post (even if you don't have a blog) and to ask questions. Please see the guidelines for guests posts or email (makeitfromscratch at any questions you have.

Thank you for stopping by Make it from Scratch. Browse around the archives. Subscribe to our feed. Join in via the blogroll, the carnival, guest posting or by asking a question. We welcome your participation and feedback.

If you are currently on the blogroll from Stop the Ride, could you please take a moment to update the blog roll code and/buttons with the Make it from Scratch code.Thanks.

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