Sunday, September 28, 2008

Homemade Bookmarks

I don't know about your house, but we do a lot of reading in ours. Between school and reading for pleasure, someone is always in need of a bookmark. Generally, we use whatever is handy- paper scraps and sticky notes are popular choices. Occasionally, though, I'd like something a little nicer to use in a coffee table book. That's where these homemade bookmarks come into play.

These bookmarks would make great gifts as well. If you ever give books as gifts, be sure to include a bookmark as part of the package. I think it encourages the recipient to dive in right away and if you sign and date the back, it enhances the sentiment.

To make these pretty bookmarks, you will need:
Ribbon of your choice
Silk scrapbooking flowers and leaves
Clear tacky glue
Small decorative brads

Cut ribbon on an angle to prevent it from unraveling. I also put a little glue (make sure it dries clear) on the edge with my finger to keep the edge from looking frayed.

Place a drop of glue between two of the silk flowers, layer them together and poke the brad through the centers. Place a drop of glue near one end of the ribbon and on top of the silk leaves. Poke the brad (with the flowers already on it) through the ribbon and then through the leaves.

Open the tines on the brad to secure the entire flower and ribbon. Let the glue dry completely before using.


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