Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun Father's Day Ideas

Don't forget Father's Day is Sunday, June 21st. If you're tight on time, money, or both, here's a few fun gift ideas that won't wipe out your checking account!

Water Fountain-Hubby has wanted an indoor water fountain for months so I plan to make him one. There's a gorgeous over-sized ceramic cowboy boot at our local greenhouse I'm dying to get my hands on. (The boot pot may be a bit pricey for my budget but, I can still do this inexpensively with any decorative container so cross your fingers I find something awesome at a garage sale this week!) I'll thread my water pump's electric cord through the drainage hole. Then cover it with either a rock, glass, or part of a broken pot and seal with water proof epoxy found at most hardware or automotive stores. Finish installing the small water pump per it's directions and add some river rocks to hold the pump in place and POOF...instant water fountain! Have it placed on some large tiles or decorative saucer with cacti, sand and rocks for a Southwestern touch!

"Dad Rocks" paperweight
-Clean, dry and paint a large river rock dad's favorite color. Once the paint is dry, write in permanent marker "DAD ROCKS" and add any other personal touches, glitter paint, stickers, etc. Once all the markers and paint is dry, add several clear coats of poly acrylic to ensure durability. Make sure the rock has one side almost flat to make writing easier.

Puzzle Picture Frame/Magnet-Take pieces from incomplete puzzles and paint the backs whatever color you think dad will like the best and allow to dry. In the meantime, cut a piece of cardboard (from the puzzle or cereal box) slightly bigger than the photo you intend to frame. Center your photo and mount either with tape or craft glue. Once all the glue and paint is dry, start gluing the puzzle pieces in an overlapping fashion around your photo till all sides are covered. Glue a magnet to the back for a magnetic frame.

Chef Dad-Make father/daughter or father/son matching chef hats with the free pattern.

Stitched Poetry-Write a poem on fabric with fabric chalk or washable marker. Satin stitch over the writing with yarn, wrap around a piece of cardboard for extra stability and frame in a reclaimed picture frame.

Tie the Tie-Got dad a new tie for his big day? Show him this video series to learn five different tie knots he can use on his new accessory. While your there, link him up to the area on how to properly care for his ties to ensure they always look their best.

Dad's Cookbook-Make dad his very own cookbook with a simple binder and some of his favorite grill recipes. Insert a cover with the kid's drawing of dad grilling. Short on time or don't have many recipes to put in the book? No problem, search the internet for some grill recipes or sign up for The Art of Manliness and get their FREE 148 page Man Cookbook. (I've got it and love. love. love it!) Every daily feed has a link to the free ebook so you can print and bind it in no time flat!

Teach Dad-Last year Popular Mechanics published the 100 Skills Every Man Should Know article on their webpage. Either print the list for dad and add to his card for a fun reminder of skills not yet learned OR pick a couple of fun things, find a few tutorials on the web and hook dad up with a fun lesson from you and the kids. While you're there, be sure to hit their list of Father's Day DIY list for even more inspiration.

I'd love to hear any of your fun Father's Day Gift ideas...just in case my water fountain idea doesn't pan out! ;)

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  1. I plan on taking photos of my kids in Dad's work shirts. Whatever Dad does - shirt and tie, or overalls and straw hat; anything would work.
    take the picture and make (or buy) a frame to go with it.
    Happy Father's Day!

  2. Great Ideas! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks for the ideas! There is so much going on right now that I completely forgot it's that close.

  4. Wow, great ideas! I wish I had seen this before my radio show last monday. .. I was looking for frugal father's day posts to mention!


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