Thursday, June 18, 2009

So Unappreciated

Do you ever wonder why some vegetables get all the glory, and some are so simply pushed aside? Some, like the tomato, have earned their spots of honor through their versatility and good taste. But how do others, like the green bean, earn such priority on our palates? I do love green beans, especially fresh from the garden, but why are they so much more popular than say something like the beet?

Beets are extremely easy to grow, and to harvest. They have a beautiful color and are full of nutritious goodness. Why are they so unappreciated?

The first beets of the season have been harvested from our garden. I am excited to cook them up and maybe try a few new recipes, but generally we pickle them or prepare them in a simple manner to be eaten hot. Beets are very easy to prepare.

First, trim off the greens leaving an inch or two of the stem. Don't throw the greens out. They can be cooked and eaten. Just prepare them as you would cooked spinach or other greens.

To prepare the root, leave it in tact. Scrub the beets clean. Put them in a pot and cover with water.

Bring to a boil and boil for about 40 minutes, (depending on their size) until the beets are soft enough to pierce easily with a fork.

Rinse the beets in cold water and allow them to cool until you can handle them. The skins will slip off easily, and the remaining stem and root can be trimmed. Now your very red beets are ready to be sliced and served the way you like. Normally I just add a little butter and a little salt.

Show beets a little love. Head to the grocery or the farmers market and pick up a few fresh beets and give them a try. If you garden, beets do well as a fall crop, planted in late summer. You can plant them after your early crops are done.

What is your favorite under appreciated vegetable?


  1. I love, love, love beets. I have roasted them, then peeled, sliced, and added a bit of apple cider vinegar. Reminds me of my mom! She used to have pickled beets for Sunday supper

  2. Beets are my fave. Beet Risotto is great. Tho most recipes online use cooked beets, my preference is for one that uses raw, grated beets adding them during the cooking of the arborio rice. The beet greens are chopped and added last. There is a very similar recipe at

  3. Thanks for the suggestions ladies. We roasted the beets last night. Then sauteed some green onion and added the greens. then added the sliced roasted beets. A little salt and pepper and a little vinegar, it was wonderful~!

  4. Fresh beets are amazingly good! When my parents grew them in our garden, we kids were NOT thrilled. Until we had our first taste of them. They are NOTHING like canned beets - and when eaten fresh are absolutely one of my favorite veggies! Great post!


  5. I stumbled across your blog and I have to agree with your other commentors, I love beets. We didn't plant a vegie garden this year but beets will be on my list of things to plant for next year. Enjoy yours!

  6. My favourite beetroot receipe is just to wrap them in tinfoil and slowly bake them at about 150 degrees. They are delicious hot or cold.


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