Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pretty, Simple, and Economical

If you're looking for something pretty, simple, and economical to serve to you friends the next time they visit, or to take to the next potluck, the answer may be found in your flower bed. Stuffed daylily flowers are beautiful alternatives to sandwiches.

Almost all parts of daylilies (but not tiger lilies) are edible, but I like the flowers the best for the color and beauty that they add to a dish. They also add a nice crunch and flavor. They can be added to salads or stuffed as shown in this picture.

To Make Stuffed Daylily
Pick as many flowers as you'd like to serve. They are best picked in the morning. If you pick stems, the unopened buds will open if the stem is kept in water. Gently wash the flowers and remove the center parts of the flower. They usually come out easily with a gentle twist and pull.

Make your favorite sandwich salad. Pictured is a very simple salmon and tuna salad. Making your sandwich mix a little on the dry side will help your stuffed flowers to stay looking pretty.

Use a melon baller to scoop your sandwich mix into the center of the flower. Serve or chill covered.

More on eating daylily.


  1. Wow - how pretty is that!?! I love the idea of eating garden flowers - I don't know why. We have tons of daylilies - and I've been itching to make some chicken salad - I'm very tempted to try this.


  2. I wonder if I'll have the guts to try this. It's beautiful, but gutsy!


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