Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sponge Ball Toy

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(Sorry this post is so late! We had to celebrate a special little niece's birthday today! Happy Birthday, Audrey!)

This easy and fun toy is a quick make-it-yourself project. I have to confess that I got the idea straight from the latest issue of Family Fun Magazine, but once you see them, you'll know why we just had to try them out.
The sponge balls are made by cutting standard kitchen sponges (right out of the package and still slightly damp) lengthwise into 5 strips about 1/2inch wide each. Lay 15 of the strips over a piece of string while keeping the strips centered over the string so your ball will be even. Tie the string very tightly and double or triple knot it. Cut the loose ends off of the string and fluff the ball so it is rounded.

Use these balls in place of water balloons by giving each child/team a bucket of water. Think of it, no filling and tying tiny water balloons, no picking up broken balloons for days and they are totally reusable! I can also see these being a great bath or pool toy!


  1. I love it! We are going camping in a couple of weeks and like to take craft projects to do, this will be great. Then the kids can use them in the pool!


  2. Cool idea! Thanks for posting this. We're just starting our hottest season here and I feel some sponge ball coming on.

  3. I am always after new ideas and these are fabulous! I've never seen them before and they look so easy to do. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just wanted to let you know I have linked this post to Buddy's Extra Best of the Week. I hope that it will bring you many new friends.



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