Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fluffy Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I have always had trouble getting light fluffy thick pancakes like the yummy goodies you get from places like IHOP. They are so light and melt-in-your-mouth good. I tried experimenting with a new recipe last week and I think I've discovered the secret!

The secret, it seems, is eggs! I add one egg to my batter and keep the batter a little thicker than I'm accustomed to making and WHA-LA - light, fluffy, and thick pancakes.

Here's my easy homemade chocolate chip pancake recipe but be warned, this makes a large batch so freeze your extras!!!

2 c Self Rising Flour
2/3 c granulated sugar
4 oversized tbs shortening or butter (I used butter flavored Crisco)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg
1 to 2 c 2% milk (start with 1 cup & gradually work up till you get the consistency you need)
1 bag of chocolate chips

Wisk your dry ingredients together. Cut in the shortening. Make a small well in the flour then add the vanilla extract, egg and bit of milk. Wisk together the wet ingredients to scramble the egg. Mix with the rest of the dry ingredients gradually adding more milk till you get the consistency of melted cheese or something like cake batter. Mix in chocolate chips. Cook over medium heat for several minutes till the outsides are set and you see bubbles form in the middle of the pancake. Flip and cook for up to two more minutes.

Pancake batter tips

  • Start with less milk than what you think it will take and if the first pancake turns out too thick, add more water or milk to thin.
  • If you batter is a little too thin, mix in additional flour.
  • If the batter is a lot too thin, mix a tablespoon or more of instant vanilla pudding mix and let it rest for a few minutes. It will thicken the batter without weakening the overall flavor of the pancake batter.

What's your best pancake secret????

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  1. Buttermilk. My favorite pancake recipe is The New Best Recipes Buttermilk Pancake. We made them for the brunch at our wedding. They were delicious.

  2. i like adding a tbsp of french vanilla coffee creamer to the mix. it makes it nice and vanilla-y :)

  3. Pancake is a favorite of mine! It is a childhood recipe and I like adding some stuff in it.
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  4. Thanks for posting this yummy recipe! I found via Google search.
    I added salt, halved all ingredients except oil and egg, and used coconut oil in place of vegetable oil. My husband said that these were the tastiest pancakes ever. :) Thanks again!


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