Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vanilla Sugar

This is a simple one but oh so good and frugal too!

Have you ever splurged and bought those expensive vanilla beans?  Sometimes your dessert is so special that it seems worth it.  Once you're done with that fancy dessert you're left with an expensive vanilla bean to throw in the trash.  It seems so wasteful but what else are you going to do with it?  That's easy, make vanilla sugar!

Make sure the vanilla bean is clean and dry.  Break it into several pieces of about 1" long.  Find a cute little container (or a small plastic bowl) and fill it with a cup or two of granulated sugar.  Insert the bits of vanilla beans, mix and put the lid on.  In two or three weeks open the lid and take a whiff.  If you like vanilla, you won't smell anything better!

Use your vanilla sugar to enhance the flavor of other foods.  Sprinkle it across sugar cookies or french toast or use it to make sugared nuts.  Have fun with it!  You'll feel better knowing that you extended the life of an expensive ingredient and created something delicious!

In a decorative jar the vanilla sugar makes a great gift!


  1. I have vanilla sugar in the recipe I posted today! It is definitely delicious stuff.

  2. It smells so good doesn't it?! Is this how you make yours?


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