Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carnival #87

This week the carnival is at Lighter Side. This week is a slightly smaller than normal carnival. I heard that Blog Carnival was down over the weekend. Just remember if that happens submissions can always be sent to makeitfromscratch at ymail.com .  There are still plenty of delicious recipes and cute crafts to see. Check out the complete carnival for yourself, but here are a few that I found particularly interesting. 

A how to make your own chili powder and a delicious looking recipe to use it in; enchiladas. 

Love this!

Warm comfort food is so appealing on these chilly days we've been having here!

Enjoy the carnival and please join us next week!

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  1. I have found weaning pigs ever so much easier. Like you said, the sows are glad (6-14 babies are ever so much to deal with) and pigs in general are always open for new things. The acorns surely helped!



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