Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

What is Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? That slightly spicy and sweet pie topped with a bit of whipped cream is the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving feast, or perhaps it is the perfect snack a few hours later when you've recovered from the main meal. 

Pumpkin pie filling is easy to mix. Honestly, I have not found a recipe that is better than the classic Libby's Pumpkin Pie that is right on the can. It is simple. It is delicious. That is my kind of recipe. 

To make your pies extra special this year, I encourage you to make your crust and your whipped cream from scratch. Did I hear groans at the mention of homemade pie crust? I used to be among the ranks of those who cowered at the thought of making pie crust from scratch. I promise you that the recipe below is one that you will have success with. 

Grandma Norma's Pie Crust

An easy to work with no fail pie crust.

See Grandma Norma's Pie Crust on Key Ingredient.

You can make the crust now and freeze until you are ready to make the pies. Pies can be made a few days before Thanksgiving and stored in the refrigerator. 

To make real whipped cream, chill a small mixing bowl and your beaters in the refrigerator. Pour cold heavy whipping cream into the cold bowl, and begin beating at a low speed. (If you start out on high speed, you may end up with cream all over your kitchen.) As the cream begins to thicken turn the mixer up. Beat until stiff peaks form. Do not over beat, or you will get butter. When the cream is whipped fold in sugar to taste ( a tablespoon or so should do,) and vanilla, if desired. Whipped cream will only keep for an hour or so in the refrigerator before it begins to separate. It can be whipped again if this happens. 

Pumpkin pie is a must for Thanksgiving. Make it extra special with homemade crust and whipped cream.

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  1. This is the BEST pie crust recipe in the world! And I'm not just saying that because Norma is my Grandma and I dream about her apple pies regularly. :o)

  2. We just got some pumpkins this weekend....Time for pie!

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