Saturday, November 1, 2008

Make a Simple Fleece Scarf in Minutes!

Fleece is one of the greatest fabrics to work with. It is very forgiving, doesn't need hemmed and results in soft, cuddly creations. Fleece also comes in so many great colors and designs to choose from that it makes it easy to customize your projects to the recipient's likes.

One of my favorite things to do with fleece is make a fleece scarf. Homemade fleece scarves are a quick and easy gift idea for any occasion. Just a couple of yards of fleece, a pair of scissors and 30 minutes and you'll be able to cross off several names from your gift list and come in WAY under budget! One of my son's teachers made fleece scarves for her entire class and they were a huge hit with the kids!

Materials needed:
60 inch wide fleece (sometimes called polar fleece)

Step 1: Start by laying your fabric out just as it came off the bolt- folded so it is 30 inches wide from the fold to the open side. It isn't necessary, but you can now cut off the finished edge if you prefer (it usually looks like it is folded up and pressed).

Step 2: Measure along the folded edge and make a small cut (you can also mark it with a marking pencil instead of cutting) every 6 inches (you'll get about 6 from each yard this way). Repeat on the open side so the cuts or marks will line up with each other.

Step 3: Cut a straight line from the mark on the folded side to the mark on the open side to make one long strip that is 6 inches wide.

Step 4: To make fringe on the ends of your scarf, make 5 cuts about 1.25 inches apart and about 4 inches long into each end.

Your handmade fleece scarf is complete! If you keep fleece on hand, you can crank out a scarf as a last minute gift or make several when you have a little time on your hands.

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  1. thank you!! I plan on making some tomorrow!! : )

  2. Wow anonymous could have kept that comment to themselves. I plan on making quite a few of these and there are many fleece prints out there. Thank you for your help.

  3. Simple and easy.
    I'm making some for the kids for Christmas
    Thanks for the picts

  4. Poor anonymous must be a very un-happy person to feel it was necessary to post that comment. I on the other hand think these are perfect gifts for anyone, I'm going to make several for neighbors and the kids teachers. Thank you for the tutorial!


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