Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Carnival #114

Apologies for the tardiness of the carnival today. The carnival can be found at Lighter Side. There are so many amazing food posts this week. It was worth the wait. 

Some years ago my great aunt, who is in her 90's, found her way to my husbands heart. The way to melt my husband is to make him pecan pie. He has cleaned her gutters for a homemade pecan pie. I've never tried to make one. This recipe looks like a good one to start with. Now what job should I ask him to do as I'm making the pie? 

These sound absolutely fabulous. I've never made my own crackers either. Something else to try! 

I just love Cindy. She has so many wonderful creations, but this is pure genius. Perfect for camping, picnics, and sporting events. 

Thanks for joining us for the carnival this week. Next week the carnival will be hosted at I've Got a Little Space to Fill. Hope to see your post there! 

Would you like to host the carnival? We need host blogs for the end of May and beyond. Please email or leave a comment to sign up to host. 

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