Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carnival #115

This week the Make it from Scratch carnival is hosted by the ever faithful Mama Bear. See the entire carnival at I've Got a Little Space to Fill. There are some great ideas in this week's carnival including lots of gardening tips and some wonderful recipes. Here are a few I found particularly interesting. 

Breakfast is a meal that I sometimes find challenging. I love to cook big breakfasts; on the weekends or for dinner in the evenings. In the morning, I'm just not up to cooking much from scratch or the clean up that goes with it. We don't eat cereal much, and consequently end up eating a lot of toast and oatmeal. This article gave me some ideas of things I can do to add some frugal variety to our breakfasts. 

Making jam in the microwave is a new concept to me. I may be trying it this summer. Sure would help keep the heat out of the kitchen. 

Great tips for enriching soil for those who don't or who are unable to compost. 

Thanks again for joining us this week. If you would like to be added to our hosting schedule please email makeitfromscratch at yahoo.com

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