Thursday, December 31, 2009

Making Candy Turtles - Success!

Every year around the holidays we make a bunch of chocolate covered candies. We do a lot of pretzels, peanuts, marshmallows, and whatever else happens to be handy and sounds like it would be good covered in chocolate. We use some as gifts. The current snug fit of my jeans is proof that much of our homemade goodies are also consumed right here at home.

This year I wanted to make Candy Turtles. They are my husband's favorite, but for some reason I never made them before. My first attempt was a failure. I posted about it at Stop the Ride. The candy tasted good, but it was tooth breaking hard. My husband still ate them, but I knew we could do better.

Commenters on that post left me some suggestions, and I was determined to try again. The first thing I did was to buy bulk caramel instead of using the pre-wrapped squares. I found this at the same store where I buy the chocolate. It is a party supply store.

I tried a couple of different ways to make the turtles the second time around. Wouldn't you know, the simplest way actually turned out the best candies?! I was making the job too hard the first time. This was what worked best.

First, start melting the chocolate in a double boiler. Lay out some wax paper. Then arrange the pecans on it using three pecans to create a Y shape. Cut a small piece of the caramel off, and lay it on top of the pecans. Finally, cover the caramel and most of the nuts with the melted chocolate. Allow to cool, and enjoy! I know my husband has been enjoying them!

Happy New Year!

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