Thursday, February 25, 2010


Changes are coming to Make it from Scratch. I am very excited, and think that these changes will make this blog a better resource for all of us. First there will be new contributors. Joining Jenn, who regularly blogs at Frugal Front Porch, Kellie, whose home blog is Greenhab, and myself, blogging at Stop the Ride,will be Rina author of Gotta Little Space, Liss, writing down under at Frills in the Hills, and  mom2my9 (soon to be 10) who shares her accumulated wisdom at 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven.These new contributors will be starting very soon.
Another change that will be coming in about a month: You may notice that all of our new contributors are long time regular hostesses of the Make it from Scratch carnival. Soon they will no longer be hosting the carnival. Carnival hostesses are scheduled through March. After March, the carnival will be hosted right here at Make it from Scratch. The day will be changing from Tuesdays to Thursday's and we will begin to phase out the Blog Carnival submission process and go to a MckLinky type format. I think this will make the carnival much more accessible for readers and participants. 

I know, a lot of changes to keep track of. For now, enjoy the posts from our new (and old) contributors. The changes to the carnival will happen slowly, and I'll be sure to keep you updated. Thank you for support of this blog, carnival, and the bloggers who make it all happen.


  1. Love it! I know this will help for forgetful folks like me who are always letting the submission deadline pass us by! Thanks for all the hard work and I'm proud to say I knew the carnival when it first started!!! Great work everybody. :)

  2. Awesome! It's terrible to admit, but I don't ever remember to submit until it's too late.


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