Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daffodil Cake

Last week in my post here,  I shared with you a couple recipes that I am using to alleviate the never ending flow of eggs into my kitchen. You offered me lots of wonderful suggestions for more ways to use up my egg supply. Jess's suggestion for angel food cake got me reaching for the cookbook. After all, who doesn't like dessert?

I've never made angel food from scratch, so, I pulled out my go to book for basic from scratch recipes, a 1965 edition of the Settlement Cookbook. Not only did I find several recipes and variations for angel food, I also found recipes for sponge cakes and chiffon cakes, all of which use a lot of eggs. We will be trying several of these, but for my first attempt I settled on Daffodil Cake.

I went with this cake because it uses a lot of egg whites, and it uses some of the egg yolks too. Or maybe it was just the name. Daffodils can only remind you of spring. Spring that I am rather impatient for.  The  recipe in pictures:

And the complete recipe:

Daffodil Cake

An angel food cake variation that uses the egg whites ...

See Daffodil Cake on Key Ingredient.

The taste and texture of this cake is different than what I am used to from a commercial angel food cake. It is very good, just not quite what I was expecting. The kids had no problems eating it.

A couple of notes about the recipe:
The recipe indicates it will take 12-13 eggs to get a cup and 1/2 of whites. It took nine of my eggs.

I am not a flour sifter by rule, but this is a recipe I think would greatly benefit from sifting the flour before incorporating it into the batter. Sifting would make it easier to incorporate the flour, and lighten the texture of the entire batter. I will be sifting for this recipe the next time.

Thanks Jess for the great suggestion.


  1. Looks different but also looks delicious. Glad your finding places to use those eggs.

  2. Ohhhh delish!

    Wish that you could come post this recipe and photo's in our Recipe Of The Month Comp in our friendly forum.

  3. I'm going to have to try that recipe, it looks so good!! :)


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