Saturday, September 5, 2009

Team Treat Bags

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My son plays three sports: Football, Basketball and Baseball. For each of these sports, there is usually a team mom who organizes treats and such for the players during the season. After each game, one parent will bring a special treat for the players on the team. These treats range from baggies of chips and Capri Sun drinks to cookies and bottled water.

We also used to do this when I was a cheerleader in high school, but we made special signs to hang in our assigned players' lockers before the game. They were cute and creative signs made on an 8X11 inch sheet of paper and would have things like, 'Give some "EXTRA" effort' with a pack of Extra brand gum taped to it or, 'You're worth "100Grand!"' with the appropriate candy bar attached.

It was my turn for football treats this week, so I combined the two and made up the treats above. They are really easy to make and give the boys a little boost of confidence (and sugar) before the game. These would also make a special lunchbox treat for the kids!
Materials Needed
Plastic baggies- I used zip top sandwich bags
Self-adhesive address labels
Pop Rocks Candy

Step 1: Create a label on your computer and print out the appropriate number. I printed the full sheet of 30 labels for a team of 25 plus the coaches. Mine says, "Eagles JV Rocks! Crumble the Colts!" I also used a rubber stamp since I couldn't find a good eagle graphic I liked.

Step 2: Stick the labels onto your bags.

Step 3: Fill the bags with your Pop Rocks and cookies and seal.

You can use any kind of candy or food you'd like and change the saying to make it fit. Some that work well:
100 Grand bars (You're worth 100 Grand!)
Nestle CRUNCH bars (Crunch the Grizzlies)
EXTRA gum (Give some Extra effort)
Milky Way (Kick them to the Milky Way)
Cookies (Crumble the Colts)
Peppermint Patties (Keep your COOL)
Dentyne Ice gum (Cool as ICE)
Reese's Pieces (Tear them to PIECES)
Rolo's (Roll-over the Knights)

Can you think of any others?

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  1. What an awesome idea! I can't wait to bring treats for my little boy's soccer team!


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