Saturday, March 21, 2009

At It Again With The Modeling Compound

Yes, we've been at it again with the air-dry modeling compound. We've been even busier than our usual busy times the last two weeks, so this will be a quick and easy craft for everyone to make. It is a mock-vase that I use on the counter for pennies. When this jar gets full, it gets emptied into my larger change jar and rolled.

Using the air-dry modeling compound found with the art and school supplies, make a small base for your jar. The base should be a flat piece in a circle or whatever shape you want your jar to be. Then, roll a large piece of the compound into a veeeerrrry long 'snake' piece. Attach one end of the snake to the base (you may want to use a dab of water to help seal them together) and wind the snake around and around till the jar is the desired shape and height. Allow your jar to dry at least 24 hours, then paint or color with markers.

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