Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carnival #106

Oh my goodness! This week's carnival is jammed with delicious, pretty, and unique ideas! There are Spring Rolls that look fantastic, a post about building your own solar panels, a recipe using cactus, and so much more! Mama Bear has done an excellent job of putting everything together, as always. Go see all the fabulous entries at I've Got a Little Space to Fill

It was very hard to pick a few standouts this week, but here are some that were particularly good.

This combination of flavors sounds wonderful. I bet this would work well with chicken also. 

This post contains good how to information on using honey, and the wonderful recipe. 

Breakfast is one of our favorite meals whether it is served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is an easy and economical meal that would be great served at anytime of the day. 

Oh my I picked all food posts this week. There really are some fantastic craft, knitting ideas, and how to ideas this week. I guess maybe I'm just hungry this morning. 

Be sure to join us again for next week's carnival. Posts can be submitted using the Blog Carnival form. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks Stephanie! Skillet is one of our favorite things to eat right now. We love to eat it! And it really is very easy to make.


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