Sunday, March 1, 2009

Firsts on the First - Homemade Tortillas

Making my own tortillas has been on my "need to try" list for a very long time. We eat a lot of tortillas. We use them for dinners of of soft tacos, and for a lot of quick lunches in the form of quesadillas. They are a staple item here. 

One night my ten year old wanted to help make dinner. He wanted to make tacos. Of course he wanted to make them the night before grocery day, when we were fresh out of tortillas. Well,  "necessity is the mother of invention," or in this case the mother of motivation to try something new.

Flour Tortillas

Basic recipe for making tortillas.

See Flour Tortillas on Key Ingredient.

They tasted wonderful! Ours were quite a bit thicker than the store bought tortillas we are used to. The homemade tortillas reminded us of Chalupas. 

Making them was pretty simple, but the rolling out and baking was time consuming. For this particular meal it worked out ok because my son was able to do much of the tortilla work while I prepared the rest of the meal. 

Will we make these again? Maybe. 

Roughly the same amount of tortillas cost $1 at the store. Granted the homemade ones would cost pennies if I priced them out, and they taste better, but time is the big factor. I can see making tortillas again for a dinner, or making a huge batch at a time for the month. (Does anyone know if they freeze well?) But for a buck, the convenience of having them ready to go at lunch time is worth buying them to me. 

Did you try anything new this month? How did it go? Please leave your link below!


  1. I've never made or frozen homemade tortillas, but store bought tortillas freeze wonderfully! I've frozen them as they get close to the expiration date, then pulled out just what I need to use them up. You've inspired me to give this a try... I've been meaning to try and make my own for months.

  2. We make tortillas a lot, homemade always! I agree, the rolling and waiting for them to brown is very time consuming but worth it!

  3. So how did you make the tortillas? I might actually like to try making them!!

  4. Krusty the Cat
    Is the recipe card not showing up? It is in my browser.

  5. I see it, I just wasn't looking hard enough, lol. Thanks!!!

  6. I tried making some of these today but didn't use a recipe. I worked off the concept of thinning my biscuit recipe to a thin batter and cooking them like pancakes. They turned out OK but I think I'll try this one next. My trick for rolling out dough-place a small dough ball between 2 pieces of wax paper on a large plate. I use another large plate and simple mash the dough flat. The wax paper peels right off and I'm left with pretty even dough! Your tortillas look great!

  7. Jennifer,
    That is a good idea. Another reader gave me an authentic recipe and some tips. I will be trying her's next. I'll let you know how it goes! :)

  8. Just skipping a trip to the store makes it worthwhile to try something new now and then.


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