Saturday, March 7, 2009

Make A Dr. Seuss Hat

This week at many schools in America, we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday. I love to decorate the cafeteria to fit the season or event, so I thought why not throw together a Dr. Seuss hat to put on the counter? Very quick and easy to sew and since it's a cartoon-ey hat, there is no need to fuss over perfection.
You can make one in any size. Mine is made for adults, but think of how cute these would be made smaller for the kids to put on stuffed animals or dolls, too. Tiny ones would make great ornaments or package tie-ons as well.
Red and White Felt
Measuring tape

Step 1: Cut 3 strips of red and 2 strips of white. Mine measure about 4 X 23 inches. Cut one circle from red felt measuring about 8.5 inches across to make the top of the hat. Cut one circle from white felt measuring about 13 inches across to make the brim of the hat.

Step 2: Begin by stitching one white and one red strip together down one of the long sides. Continue stitching the long sides of the strips together alternating red, white, red, white, red until you have a large piece that resembles the striped part of an American flag.

Step 3: Fold the striped piece with right-sides together so that the ends of each stripe meet. (See picture at right.) Stitch the side opposite of the fold to make a striped tube.

Step 4: Clip the edges of the top piece (red circle) in about 1/8 of an inch deep and about 1 inch apart.
Step 5: Place the top piece inside one end of the tube and line the edge of the circle up with the edge of the tube. (See picture at left.) Attach the top by stitching around the inside going slowly and adjusting the top piece as needed to keep edges aligned. Overlap the clipped spots as you sew to help the top fit inside of the tube. Turn the entire piece right-side-out.

Step 6: Fold the brim in quarters and make a small cut in 3.5 inches from the point on each straight side. Following the shape of the outside curve, cut a curve between the clips you've just made. (See picture below at left.) You will be left with a ring (brim) and a circle (scrap).

Step 7: Place the brim around the tube with the inside of the ring near the open end of the tube. (See final picture below.) Begin attaching the brim to the open end of the hat by stitching the inside part of the ring to it. Stitch slowly and adjust the brim as needed to keep the edges aligned.
I made a nice display with this hat and some of my boys' books. The kids loved it!

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school cafeteria worker,
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  1. Great, clear tutorial....thanks for posting!!!

  2. Neat idea! I wish I knew how to make this last week when the kids had dress up day.

  3. I have given MIFS a Creative award as I think you are just so inspiing, you can pick it up at I just love this place, Margaret

  4. It's fantastic! I am so bookmarking this for next year!


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