Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flip-Flop Sandal Card

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This simple yet adorable card is perfect for a summer birthday party. Depending on colors and materials used, the look can be changed for a boy or a girl. This one was made to match the birthday cake which was decorated with green and pink flip-flops.

Materials Needed:
Paper or printable shoe pattern*
Card stock
Ribbon or cording
Glue (I recommend glue dots)
Stamps and/or stickers (optional)

Step 1: Trace a child's shoe onto a piece of paper or print the pattern I made following the tips below*.

Step 2: Fold a piece of card stock and trace the pattern being sure to place the outer side of the shoe directly on the fold; cut the card stock along the lines.

Step 3: To cut the ribbon or cording to make the shoe straps. Lay the ribbon on the shoe shape to determine where the straps should lay to look correct and cut the pieces slightly longer than what you need.

Step 4: Using glue or glue dots, attach two ends of the ribbon at the point that would fall between the first and second toe. Fold the other ends under slightly and attach them to the shoe shape near the edges. Trim any long ends off.

Step 5: Use stamps, markers or stickers to embellish your flip-flop sandal card.

*Instructions for printing shoe pattern: Click on the picture below. Go to your file menu and click on "print preview". An over sized picture of the pattern will come up. Click on the arrow next to "shrink to fit". For a card that will fit into a standard envelope, type 35% in the box. For a slightly larger card that will fit into a business size envelope, type 40% into the box. Click on the print document button.


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