Saturday, August 1, 2009

Homemade Edible Jewelry

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I took a break from crafting this week and let the kids take over. I handed them a bowl of Lifesaver Gummies, a large bowl of Fruit Loops Cereal and some cotton crochet thread. They made bracelets and necklaces that barely lasted long enough to get pictures of them. We tied them up and they immediately started munching.

As they snacked and we talked, we started talking about other candies and cereals you could use. We started giving them cute names like ‘Breakfast on the Go’ and ‘Snacklets’. That gave us a great idea! We thought these would make great items for the kids to sell at school during their student store days.

The student store days are also called Factors of Production in 4th grade, but Matthew will be having a similar section this year in 6th grade. The kids learn all about running a business from research and development to marketing and sales. They can provide a service or a product. We talked about how easy these would be to make ahead, put into zip-top bags and label for sale. I can also see these being a great addition to any lemonade stand or bake sale!

So as part of our research, I'd like to ask you for additional ideas for these. What other cereals and/or candies would you use? Can you think of any other names that would be catchy or cute? Leave a comment and let us know! Thanks so much!


  1. This is wonderful. It reminds me of those candy necklaces I used to wear in the 80's.

  2. What a fab idea and they look pretty too. One thing that comes to mind, if they're sold locally, are Polo Mints (the mint with the hole in), or popcorn. Good luck with the project :-D

  3. This is a fabulous idea-wished I thought of it! ;)

    You can call it Kiddy Kandy Bling or something similar. As far as other items you can circular pretzels come to mind along with Cheerios, Apple Jacks, hard candy & mint flavored Life Savers. If your using needle & thread then I think dried fruit like apricots or cranberries & even mini marshmallows might work well. Good luck!

  4. These are all great ideas! Thanks so much for the input!


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