Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun Fruity Drinks

Like most adults, I drink an alcoholic beverage on occasion. Mostly when we go out to dinner. I prefer the fruity sweet drinks (like many women) as opposed to hubby who likes either Crown n' Coke or Miller beer (like the majority of men). Restaurants charge any where from $4.00 to over $6.00 for one regular sized drink. Mega or super sized drinks can cost much more. This is as much as a dessert in many places making dining out incredibly costly. To reduce the cost of dining out without sacrificing a good drink, I've adjusted to making my drinks at home. Since I don't know much about mixing drinks I turned to iDrink to find out how to make my favorite drink, a Hurricane.

Splash grenadine
2 ounces orange juice
4 ounces pineapple juice
1 shot dark rum

Mix the orange juice, pineapple juice and dark rum (I prefer Southern Comfort) over ice. Add enough grenadine to color the drink red. Enjoy

There's tons of recipes for a hurricane but the one listed above and this one are my favorites. Normally it's served with a cherry and orange wedge garnish.

Another variation of this is my favorite: Sparkling Hurricane. I created it myself. Use the above recipe, reduce your pineapple juice to 2 ounces while adding 2 ounces or so of 7up, Sprite, or other lemon lime flavored soda! This is really yummy but remember to drink in responsibly and NEVER EVER drink and drive!

For the kids, serve them a Shirley Temple. Lemon lime soda with a splash of grenadine garnished with cherries and orange wedge.

There you have it, a few fun fruity drinks for you and the kids. Enjoy!

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  1. very cool! I've never been an alcohol drinker so I just made this very drink today--substituting iced tea! My recipe also called for the addition of lime juice. Delicious!


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