Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gift Tins

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I like to make my own breadcrumbs, but the time it takes to toast the bread and smash or grate them into crumbs plus the cleanup afterwards leads me to buy them more often than make them. Hey, a buck thirty-nine a can is well worth it to me most days.

Believe it or not, this actually does have something to do with my craft today. :o)

So I am left with these cute cardboard cans with nicely-fitting plastic lids that clean up so easily that I can't throw them out. I save them for the kids to play with or to one day make something with them. Today is that day.

These cute little gift tins would are perfect for small gifts or to fill with a treat and a gift card or cash! How sweet would this be for a teacher gift of pens or markers or notepads? This would make a nice way to give a small gift to a co-worker or neighbor as well. The containers are food safe, so why not bake up some cookies, wrap them loosely in wax paper and deliver them in one of these tins? You could make several of these up and have them at the ready for last minute gifts, too!

Depending on what paper you use, you could make them neutral for any occasion or tailor them to a holiday or event. Using card stock would be a great way to match colors for a grad party or baby gift. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Oh! They are reusable, too!!!!

Materials Needed

Empty bread crumb container(s) with lids

Wrapping paper, butcher paper or card stock


Glue, double-sided tape or glue dots

Bow (optional)

Stickers or other embellishments (optional)

Step 1: Empty the container by tapping it over an open trash can or sink. I use a dry paint brush to get the crumbs out of the edges in the bottom, then wipe out with a very slightly damp cloth. Allow to dry. Remove the label from the container if it has one.

Step 2: Measure the can and then the paper you're going to cover it with. If you aren't sure about cutting it straight enough, simply cut the paper larger than you need and fold the edges in along a straight-edge.

Step 3: Place adhesive in a straight line from the top rim of the can to the bottom rim.

Step 4: Lay the can, with adhesive side up towards you, on your paper and bring the paper up around the sides so you can make sure it is straight before actually attaching it to the can. Press one edge onto the adhesive and repeat with the other edge.

Step 5: If you've used plain paper or card stock, you can decorate the sides with stickers, scrapbooking elements or photos. Let your imagination run wild on this one!

Step 6: Top with a bow, ornament, small toy or party favor.


  1. Thanks. I'm such a packrat with things like containers. I can't seem to throw away a perfectly good container because I'm sure I'll use it someday. :o)


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