Monday, March 22, 2010

Make a Custom Chalkboard From Tile

Finished Chalkboard Tile Last Friday I had the privilege of teaching a small class of elementary students how to create easy tile coasters. While I was excited to do this, I wanted to show the kids other fun things they could do with everyday things lying around their home. One of the things I showed them was a homemade chalkboard using peel n stick tiles. The process is super simple.

Here’s what you need:

  • chalkboard paint
  • peel n stick tiles
  • newspaper
  • paint brush
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • cardstock, ribbon, or other embellishments

Cover your work area with several layers of newspaper. Grab a peel n stick tile. They are usually pretty big (around 12” x 12”) and I had some left over from a bathroom flooring project.
Sand the top of the tile with a fine grit sand paper. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to thoroughly dry. This will give the paint a surface to adhere to.

Pull off the back paper exposing the sticky side of the tile. Using newspaper (the comics are a good page to use here), cardstock, foam, fabric or other medium to cover the back. Be careful when covering this side of the tile. Once the paper, foam, or fabric is stuck…it is stuck! Trim off the excess and sand the edges.
Flip the tile over and place on top of a block, book or something else to slightly elevate it off your work surface.

Paint several layers of chalkboard paint according to the manufacturers directions. Allow to completely dry.
Personalize the chalkboard with a bit of Modge Podge, some cutout letters (I used my Cricut), colored paint, stickers, buttons and anything else to add a personal touch.

Peel n Stick Tile Tile read to paintCaution: Wet Paint Lined up ready for personlization

Finish the project in a number of ways.
  • Drill a hole at the top near each corner, thread either rope or ribbon through and knot to form a hanger.
  • Use hot glue or Gorilla glue to adhere a strong magnet to the back to hand in a locker.
  • Leave as is or hot glue some fabric trim around the edges for a trendy carry around version.
Finished Chalkboard Tiles


  1. These would be so cool to use for our school and chore assignments!

  2. Very cool! I use chalkboard in kitchen. I'm following you now;)Have a great day!

  3. Oh I love it!!!!


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